Fish taxidermy is an art and much depends on the taxidermist’s skills to bring your fish “back to life”. Catching that exact expression, knowing proper anatomy and how to give your fish a realistic paint job are all important factors that make up the finish product.

The price of any mount is directly related to the amount of time and attention given to it. We take the time to do the job right, one fish at a time (no assembly lines) and stand behind our work. When you catch that fish of a lifetime, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for cut rate prices.

However, our prices are competitive and we also have excellent return times. Please contact Kevin at Artistic Creations to discuss your needs and have us produce one of our award winning replica’s for you!

Trophy Care:

If you catch your fish locally & plan on dropping it off, simply keep fish in ice water (plenty of ice) in cooler or livewell.

If you choose to freeze your fish, wrap tightly in thin plastic then in soaking wet towel. Place in plastic bag (lay as flat as possible) and freeze. If you choose to have fish custom molded, it is wise to turn the fish over a few times while freezing (to help avoid flat spots) and avoid wire racks that can leave marks.

For replicas, all you really need to do is send us your length and girth measurement (or weight) & photo’s (if available). We can make you the highest quality fish replica available from our extensive line of molds, or we can custom mold your own fish if you choose to keep it. Simply give us a call and we will do the rest.


Fish crated and just about ready to ship to another happy customer!

Muskie Replica crated and just about ready to be shipped to another happy customer!